years combined experience in the mining industry
sub-contract specialists
= best experience @ 
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Healthy Future


of Professionals

Cabanga Environmental has a small staff compliment and subcontracts specialist work to various specialists across South Africa, affording Cabanga Environmental's clients the opportunity to have the best expertise from the top specialists in their respective fields.

Environmental Awareness Training

  • In house training available
  • Job / sector specific
  • Tailor made to meet the objectives of your environmental and sustainability policies

Carbon Footprint Analysis:

Understand your company's climate risk exposure.

Compliance and Alignment

  • MPRDA: Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act
  • NWA: National Water Act
  • NEMA: National Environmental Management Act
  • NEM:WA: National Environmental Management Waste Act
  • NEM:AQA: National Environmental Management Air Quality Act
  • NEM:BA National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act

We Plant The Seed

"Strategic Environmental Evaluation and Development"

About Us

Cabanga works on a strategic level advising, consulting and overseeing environmental projects for construction, industry, mining and related businesses.


Cabanga Environmental is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions.

Public Participation

Download and view our public documents and information regarding projects and scoping plans.

The cost of non-compliance

South African legislation regards the environment as a public trust, and incorporates principles such as “general duty of care for the environment” and, “the polluter pays principle”, considering “cradle-to-grave” and the “risk averse and cautious” approaches.